Hu Renhao



Hu Renhao graduated from Dalian Maritime University, one of the “211 Project” key universities and “Double First-Class” universities (first-class disciplines) in China, obtained a bachelor's degree in navigation technology in 2011 and a master's degree in maritime law in 2016.

He joined Huang & Huang in 2016, handling predominantly ship collision, salvage and salvage at sea, oil pollution, marine insurance, cargo claim, charterparty disputes, personal injury and loss of life at sea.

Hu Renhao has advised on a great number of major collision claims, and is highly experienced in all phases of related work, particularly accident investigation, evidence preservation, exchange of security, wreck removal, oil pollution prevention, liability and claim analysis and resolution through whether negotiation or court proceedings. 

Chinese, English

1. Represented the insurer of a coastal bulk carrier in various claims with a combined value of RMB33 million arising from her collision with a Panama-registered vehicles carrier;
2. Represented the owners and insurers of an container carrier in claims with a combined value of RMB31 million arising from collision between her and a bulk carrier which resulted damage to both vessels and oil spill;
3. Represented the insurer of a bulk carrier a RMB30 million claim concerning the constitution of a limitation fund following collision with an oil carrier.
4. Represented the P&I Club of a Liberia-registered bulk carrier in a RMB10 million claim from a port operator in Qinzhou for damage to shore crane;
5. Represented the insurer of a bulk carrier in RMB17 million claim arising from the vessel’s sinking on its own off Zhuhai;
6. Represented COSCO Shipping Logistics in a RMB1.76 million claim concerning voyage charterparty;
7. Represented a shipping company in a RMB1.58 million claim for breach of seafarer employment contract;
8. Represented the insurer in a RMB1.3 million subrogated claim against a logistics company concerning marine cargo