Huang Hui invited to attend the activity of remuneration payment to the crew members of “Angelic Power” held by Guangzhou Maritime Court and deliver a speech

06.07.2022 |NEWS&ARTICLES
On the occasion of the 12th Day of the Seafarer, our managing partner Huang Hui and associate Liang Handeng were invited to participate in the activity of remuneration payment to the crew members of “Angelic Power” held by Guangzhou Maritime Court on 23rd June 2022. In the presence of the deputies to the National People’s Congress as well as leadership of the Guangzhou Maritime Safety Administration and the Guangdong Seafarers Union, Huang Hui and Liang Handeng, on behalf of our clients being the Greek captain and chief officer of “Angelic Power”, took over the labor remuneration due to the crew members from the head of the Enforcement Division of Guangzhou Maritime Court.

Huang Hui (second from the left) and Liang Handeng (second from the right) take over the labor remuneration due to the crew members from the head of the Enforcement Division of Guangzhou Maritime Court.
Meanwhile, Huang Hui was invited to give a speech as the representative of the attorneys of all the foreign crew members involved. In his speech, Huang Hui expounded the key points, difficulties and highlights in the handling of the cases, expressing heartfelt thanks on behalf of the foreign crew members to the judges of the case filing division, the trial division and the enforcement division of Guangzhou Maritime Court, as well as officials from the Maritime Safety Administration, the seafarers union, the foreign affairs department, the inspection and quarantine department, and the health and epidemic prevention department, among other authorities, for their efforts, support and help in the repatriation of crew members and the handling of cases, and praising the practice and spirit of the court in actively innovating, showing commitment, judicially serving the people and equally protecting the legitimate rights and interests of foreign parties.

Huang Hui gives a speech as the representative of the attorneys of all the foreign crew members involved
The series of cases arising from dispute over labor contracts for crew members of “Angelic Power” handled by our firm were selected into the “Top Ten Typical Maritime Cases in 2021” published by the Supreme People’s Court and the “Top Ten Typical Cases in 2021” published by Guangzhou Maritime Court.
In the face of the actual difficulties caused to the seafarers by the COVID-19 and the fluctuation of the shipping market, our lawyers have been diligent and conscientious, successfully having the crew’s labor remuneration awarded by effective judgments first paid from the vessel’s auction proceeds after completing various legal procedures such as creditor’s rights registration, right confirmation and payment distribution under the fair judgment and enforcement of Guangzhou Maritime Court, thereby avoiding the need to wait for the completion of procedures involving other creditors’ claims which may last for several years. In the context of the global COVID-19 outbreak, we have protected the legitimate rights and interests of seafarers who ensure the stability of the global supply chain to the greatest extent and received their high praise and appreciation.

The Captain and Chief Officer of “Angelic Power” participate in the event remotely.