ONN & BAZUL partner Mr. Kelly Yap and his team visit Huang & Huang

02.12.2023 |NEWS&ARTICLES
Huang & Huang was pleased to have the visit of Mr. Kelly Yap, partner of ONN & BAZUL and his team on 1 December. They were warmly received by our managing partner Mr. Huang Hui and partners Mr. Huang Anhua, Ms. Zhang Fan and Ms. Chen Xiaoling. The meeting featured a very pleasant discussion and exchange of thoughts on matters of interest to each other.

Mr. Huang Hui introduced Huang & Huang's foreign-related business development and future planning, and shared his thoughts and observations on the state and trends of the domestic and global legal services market.

Mr. Yap introduced the general development of OON&BAZUL LLP, particularly its specialist field of shipping as well as its associated law firm in Malaysia which boasts the largest Chinese shipping lawyers in Malaysia.

Besides, there was an in-depth exchange of insights on classic cases handled by each other, the similarities and differences between China and Singapore on the positions and models of advocacy in respect of certain shipping matters, and other topics of interest. A consensus has been reached to continuously expand the joint "international circle of friends" and actively engage in close and pragmatic exchanges and cooperation with overseas law firms, which is expected to help deepen each other’s knowledge of the handling of certain legal issues in different jurisdictions with different legal systems, enhance business cooperation and improve their international service capabilities and competitiveness.